2018 comes to an end in 7 weeks, how will you spend your time?

I’m in the process of finishing an album, hopefully it will be ready by Christmas, or early 2019

The songs on this page are from the album, even the incomplete ones.

I am also considering recording Psalms, Proverbs, Genesis 1 - 3, Revelation 22 and the 4 accounts of the gospel, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

Quite a few people who hear me talk and read the word, compliment me on how good my voice sounds. It is a struggle to stay humble and not let it go to me head. Though I do appreciate their appreciation of the gift/s God gave me, I find it overwhelming, yet inviting.

I guess it better to feel good about our gifts, than to feel bad about being hated. Yet I am reminded of the sayings in the bible regarding being loved by the world, that the hearts of men are evil. Better to be hated for God’s name sake than to be loved by the world which is evil.

I have found words are powerful tools, and what we say to ourselves will determine the outcome. If and when I catch myself spiralling down in negativity, or I start to feel despair, 2 simple words have come to me. “Stop There”, sometimes I say “In the name of Jesus, Stop There.” Recently just saying these simple words and also visualizing a STOP Sign, I put my foot on the brake and stop and think.

I need to apply that Stop There thinking to quitting cigarettes. If anyone has any tips for quitting smoking I’d love to hear them. Please email me at the email address above.


Cheers folks, may the remainder of the year be a blessing to you, and those around you.

God bless,


Rob Hough 10:01 Saturday 17/11/2018


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Today I plan to record a Psalm

12. God Loves All Creation

13. The End

10. The Wall Fell

11. Weight

8. Alive is The Key

9. Redemption (Save Our Souls - S.O.S.)

7. The Ark Today

6. The Day Looks Bright

4. Sleepless

5. Be at Peace

1. Peace in Hearts

2. The Journey

3. Once is Never Too Late

Email: rekindled@tpg.com.au

Coming soon.

REDEEMED Album by Rob Hough


Thank you to the one who made it possible


Special thank you to Tony Woodward for all his input and help on the album REDEEMED.

Copyright © 2018 Rob Hough Productions.


The Lord's Prayer 0835 Sunday 21102018

- Author and Finisher of our Faith

- Author and Finisher of our Faith

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Cross to Bear Saturday 20102018


REDEEMED Album Artwork Final 1259 Monday 12112018