2019 is here, nothing to report 3 months into the year and I’m still weighing up what to do with my life, what I’m capable of accomplishing if anything. I think I’m a waste of space, but that isn’t true, it’s just the negative perspective I have of myself.

Are life choices really our choices?

Do we shape our own destiny?

Or does God control every step?


I thought I got over questioning life, but these questions are important to me.

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REDEEMED Album by Robert Hough


Thank you to the one who made it possible


Special thank you to Tony Woodward for all his input and help on the album REDEEMED.

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The Lord's Prayer 0835 Sunday 21102018

- Author and Finisher of our Faith

- Author and Finisher of our Faith

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Cross to Bear Saturday 20102018
Album Artwork REDEEMED Final 1006 Thursday 29112018