2019 is here and I have released my album REDEEMED on Reverbnation.


Thank you to Tony Woodward for all his help.

It has been suggested by people, that I record Psalms, and I’m considering recording Proverbs, Genesis 1 - 3, Revelation 22 and the 4 accounts of the gospel, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, some time in 2019.

Whatever 2019 brings your way, know that God is with you everyday.

We might not always see eye to eye with everyone on everything, but there are times we agree with people, even those we disagree with.

Stay safe, be considerate, and pray  for those who need God’s help.

God bless,

Peace and harmony went for a walk, and they brought back joy.


Robert Hough

Currently playing around with a few ideas for another REKINDLED album..I’ll keep you posted.

Email: rekindled@tpg.com.au

REDEEMED Album by Robert Hough


Thank you to the one who made it possible


Special thank you to Tony Woodward for all his input and help on the album REDEEMED.

Copyright © 2018 Robert Hough Productions.


The Lord's Prayer 0835 Sunday 21102018

- Author and Finisher of our Faith

- Author and Finisher of our Faith

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Cross to Bear Saturday 20102018
Album Artwork REDEEMED Final 1006 Thursday 29112018